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Inna Nickolay Nice summer 1990 I have married a nice girl Inna, 1992 our son Nickolay was born.
Surname Dybenko is well-know in Russia for sailor participated in October Revolution. Moscow city have a street and St. Petersburg have a metro station named on his name
Recently i was contacted by some people from USA and Canada, wondering if we are relatives as we have a similar surname. I would also like to know more about this, so if you come here with purpose to know something about family please share your information with me.
Nickolay Family Tree


We tried to make a family tree for my son, whom we were able to recall. If you would like to look on details or you can add something here - please let me know.

Nickolay plan to make his own page, showing his achievements in snowboard, bicycle, skateboard (only extreme sports :-)

We like traveling, trying to travel as much as possible, if time and money is in place. You can find more about this on Travel page

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